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-Product List-

We have tested several combined herbal supplements by taking advantage of herbal interaction to enhance the effectiveness of these supplements. All the herbal/health supplements have been tested by ourself to ensure their effectiveness and safety.
==>How to Select Them?

Herbs for lust - instant or long-term solutions of sexual problems -

Instant Solutions -
A. Hybrid Men's (Women ? Yes!)Power Jumper: PeniSOS plus Cycle 4x
B. Male Power (for Young men and Teenagers)
C. Real DHEA (Men's Formula):
D. Real DHEA (Women's Formula).
E. Estroven - The highly Concentarted Soy Extract for men and women!

Special Packages -
A. ViaPal-hGH series - for the Erectile-drug Users and Diabetic Patients!
B. ViaPal-hGH-X - for Heart and high blood-pressure Patients!

C. Endura
D. Paragon
E. LastLonger
F. LoveLonger
E. Heat Tea

Long-term Solutions -

=>Hybrid Herbal Package-
A. Male Power
B. Via Growth (Men and women)
C. Estroven - The highly Concentarted Soy Extract for men and women!
D. ViaPal-hGH Series - for the Erectile-Drug Users and Diabetic Patients without any side effects.
E.ViaPal-hGH-X or -E - for Heart and high blood-pressure Patients!

=>Pure Herbal Mixtures -
1. Mood-Enhancer (Men's Formula),
2. Mood-Enhancer (Women's Formula)
3. VITALIZA(for men & women)
4. STAMINA (under Test) - this product is too powerful for dialy use (only goes with PeniSOS).

5. SOY max

=> Animal Granduarls
1. Raw Pituitary
2. Raw Male

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